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Mens Zip Up Hoodie with Zipper Details

Mens Zip Up Hoodie with Zipper Details


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Throw this on and zip it up for the ultimate edgy piece. Lots of zippered pockets to keep all your essentials.  Major chill vibes, guys.


Material : Polyester

Sizes       XS , S, M, L

Color :      Dark Gray, Light Gray, Black


Size            Shoulder             Chest                Sleeve          Length

XS              17.3"                     38"                    24.5"              26"

S                 18"                        41.5"                 25.34"            26.8"

M                19.4"                     44.5"                 26.5"              27.5"

L                 20.5"                     48"                     27.4"              28.4"


*measurement may be slightly different due to measuring method



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